omg food

look at this

Its a funny Idea to make look your banana like a … i think you know. Looks really funny.

Here is another one. I think some Guys have to much free Time to do this. But it looks again Funny 🙂


Burger are alwys awesome. Look at this how delicous it shows. With the hot chilli it can taste really good. yumyum.

And this looks a little bit i would cook it by myself. And btw, i have literary no skills in cooking.


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And here at the End a nice toturial about kitchen Tipps



Hiking in the fresh air.

Any of the hiking loves white probably to try to run through the landscape or to try climp mountains. There are groups who wear special shoes. A good Footwear of advantage of is especially in rough terrain. But not every hiker passes through rough terrain. Some move around on trails. On these, you need not necessarily special shoes. When you walk through the dark shining shoes can illuminate the away. With them you can see even when it’s dark better where it runs. So you can prevent go near the g.o to kick the dog in dirt so thats really awesome. These shoes have a light on the side. It is bright because it is equipped with light-emitting diodes. There are also running groups are traveling with these shoes. A Web site where there are these super cool shoes .
Do differ very little from normal sneakers.

In this Video you can see how awesome they are

And for sure the light looks cool. Its a good gadget for Freetime or dancing too. Not only for hiking or going with your dog.
Hiking in itself is a nice hobby and you can explore the landscape allone or with some friends. It can with friends or solo run. Also to new contacts to make, it’s not bad. Some Guys or Girls have found a Girlfriend with this method. You meet other people with the same interests, who are on the road and occasionally converses with them. Can be also set a target and run there. A tavern is always a popular destination. There you can drink after hiking a cycling and comfortably eat something. Other people to meet who share the hobby, it’s not that hard. There are groups in the social media where you can arrange. But also people have with dog inevitably with the dog in the fresh air. This can even questions whether they would be interested in a walk. If you don’t like alone walking around.
Again to come back to the various shoes. Flashing shoes are always an interesting thing approach to start a conversation. Many people have questions about them, and so they have in addition to their function as shoe talk approach.

What do you think about hiking with new light shoes? Most people really like it. And the best think about is, you can use it as normal shoes or you put on the light and see the fantastic effect.